• REUSABLE, Painted Window Decoration Frosted Film, Glossy Fine Leather Texture (Width 90cm)

  • Non-toxic, Oil Proof, Water Proof, Stain Proof, No Fading, Environmentally Friendly

  • Non-odour, Glue Free Static Film, Simply Peel and Stick, Easy to Remove and Reuse, DIY, 99% Anti-UV

  • Provides Day/Night Privacy in Elegant Style, Colourful and Bright, High Quality PVC Film, Easier to Handle and Install

  • Quick Dispatch Service, within "24 hrs" of the Order (Monday-Saturday).

  • Size:2.5m x 90cm

    Brand New Decorative Window Privacy Frosted Film for use on e.g. Bathroom Windows, Bedroom Windows, Back doors, Attics and Conservatories. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Thoroughly clean the window the film will be applied to. 2) Cut your film to size of the window, adding an extra 2cm to the width and height. 3) Make sure to Remove the clear lining film from back of the window film (Otherwise film will not stick to the glass). TIP: If you cannot remove the clear lining film, attach a piece of sticky tape to either side of the film at one corner and peel away from each other. 4) Spray the glass thoroughly with the soapy water. 5) Apply film onto the glass and slide into position. TIP: Use the side of your hand to smooth out any large bubbles. The film will then "float" on the glass for you to move into its final position. TIP: If film is misaligned just peel it off, re-spray, and reapply . 6) Use a Squeegee to squeeze out all the soapy water from behind the film, and along with it any air bubbles. TIP: Work from the centre of the area to the edges. TIP: If an edge of film will not lie flat, use hair dryer on low heat setting to warm the film until it becomes pliable. Hold film in place for 60-90 seconds or until material cools to room temperature. 7) Trim off any excess film using a sharp knife for a neat finish. FEEDBACK: If you have any concerns, please don't leave negative feedback, contact us with your concerns and we will be more than happy to help. If you do not receive your order within 5 working days of dispatch date, OR received a "Wrong Item/DAMAGED" parcel, kindly let us know immediately.

    Premium Quality REUSABLE Static Decorative Painted Window Vinyl Film Jasmine Colours Blue (2.5m x 90cm) - B00UQR2I1Q

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    Premium Quality REUSABLE Static Decorative Painted Window Vinyl Film Jasmine Colours Blue (2.5m x 90cm) - B00UQR2I1Q

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